Violet sees through teary eyes
The day dissolve into the skies
The sun is gone and leaves a flood
Of red as rich and dark as blood

Violet lives in deepest oceans
Where Violet loves deepest emotions
The night sea magnifies the moon
Blue enough to make her swoon

Sweet does not belong with bitter, Violet
Peace is simpler and it’s better, Violet

She waits to love until she loses
And all her losses are her muses
They sing, they mourn beauty forlorn
Lament a perfect world unborn

Whenever Violet starts to cry
The question on her lips is, “Why?
Why the pleasure in my pain?
And why do I prefer the rain?”

You can’t hold on and you can’t let go
You want to believe, but you just don’t know
Oh, what you’d give to lose control

Violet dreams of red and blue
‘Cause who she is will never do
Don’t you know nothing stays new?