Supper & Songs

An event series aimed at the intersection of music, food, and hospitality.

The best music invites the listener to stay awhile, be nourished, and be known. Favorite songs are like gracious hosts inviting us into their familiar space, giving us room to breathe and remember who we are. Music has a peculiar way of restoring tenderness within us, setting us up to receive healing like nothing else can.

The story of The Orchardist has been one of becoming more and more deeply acquainted with the hospitality of music, both as host and guest. Most recently, our mission of making music to feed and be fed has led us to its most practical conceivable embodiment: Supper & Songs.


Beginning April 6th 2018, we are partnering with The Rabbit Room to organize cozy events in Nashville every other month. Each event will be hosted by a unique location—some homes and some venues—include a delicious meal, and feature a guest artist whose music has given us hope.

With Supper & Songs, we hope to provide a regular occasion for nourishment in our local community in as many dimensions as possible. We hope for friends to be made, stories to be shared, songs to be sung.

-The Orchardist

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