Quiet, Now

Songs are worthless
Songs will never pay
But songs won’t go away, I hope

‘Cause songs are priceless
Though some are just cliche
We sing them anyway, to cope

I fear I deal in
A language almost dead
Where the best things go unsaid, unsung

And yet they’re heard
Between the words
In spaces sacred

Quiet, now
Can we speak without a sound?

Crude and loud
Violent we’ve become
My ears are almost numb from noise

And all I want
Is to speak in honesty
You and me and we, our voice

It takes some courage
To show up and tell the truth
There’s a lot we stand to lose in that

But songs are brave
The good ones say,
“Listen, listen”

Quiet, now
Do we remember how?

Quiet, now
Can we speak without a sound?

Quiet, now