People, People

They're building a building
To tear it down
Standing tall
Soon to kiss the ground

The paint's made to chip
The metal's born to rust
When the newness is gone, you best move on
Or you, too, will become dust

People, people
I am not the same
People, people
Live life like a game

Will I be remembered,
And if so, then what for?
Can I really change the world,
Make it any different than before?

'Cause I haste to write these songs
Just as they haste to build buildings
The facade is pretty neat, and the balcony's sweet
But the foundation below is crumbling

People, people
I am just the same
People, people
Think life is but a game

How could I move up?
I love too much to even move on
If I don't survive, then I'll die
Singing my stubborn song

The greatest joke: that all along
We were wrong
It turns out the strong were weak
And the weak were all strong

People, people
I'll never be the same
As people, people
Who live life like a game

I don't care about losing anymore

People, people
We are all the same
People, people
Want out of the game