Looking Glass

Through the looking glass
There’s never a shadow cast
My every moment lasts
When I live my life through the looking glass

This side of heaven
There’s only so much we can do
To escape our terminal view

You can tell us some stories
But they only take us so far
Until we’re back where we are

This side of heaven
We’d all rather be somewhere else
And most of us somebody else

I’ve grown so attached to
All the me’s I’d like to be
On screens for all to see

There’s a heaven I can feel
When my fingers choose what’s real

Oh, my beloved
Your face lights up at my touch
You’re near me, but never too much

We glow like two stars
Suspended in infinite sky
Our loneliness shines so bright

Oh, my magic mirror
Reflect a perfected me, please
But deflect for me all my disease

And I will caress you
With fingers of such sweet control
And bless you as part of my soul

You’re my heaven I can feel
When my fingers choose what’s real

Heaven’s in my pocket
My thumbprint lets me in
To touch the sacred icons
That gleam within

A pantheon of idols
My pandemonium
From them I’ve touched and tasted
The sweetest sin
To hold
The whole world
In my hands

This side of heaven
I know hell is real