Her story began in the clouds
Such a long way from the ground
Given the mission to fall
And to be found

To fall for now was to fly
A crystal in love with the sky
The world before her
A world just for her
A world she held in her eye

With a pattern just of her own
Uniquely and artfully sewn
The snowflake looked round
And fearfully found
The feeling of being alone

She was blown by a voice in the air
It disturbed her quiet despair
These words of the Wind were
The wisdom to send her
Away, almost aware

You don’t belong to you
Only devils think they do
Surrender to my call
And I will help you fall

The ground was covered in light
When she saw the most dreadful sight
Though unique in the clouds,
When mixed with the crowd
Each snowflake was faceless and white

Time went faster than planned
Her fate was more than she could understand
A strange new desire
Crept up from inside her:
She wanted never to land

She shouted back at the Wind,
“Your breath I will use to transcend!”
She thought she was free,
But she didn’t see
That she was just playing pretend

On her face she felt the first tear
At once she realized her fear
She let out a cry,
But there was no reply
The Wind had left her here

The ground was coming her way
As she gave herself slowly away
She remembered the song
That had helped her along
In the stillness she heard herself say...