Dust To Dust

I've been building a god as long as I remember
I carry him every day upon my shoulders
And he weighs me down, my nose to the ground
My god is heavier than gold and silver

I misuse and abuse the gifts you give me
I sacrifice them to the idol in my head
Must you make ashes of my altars to remind me
The god that I've been screaming for is dead?

But he sparkles in the sunlight
Glimmering like gold
He tells me all the sweet lies
He makes me feel like I am in control

What am I looking for?
Am I looking for love?

I've been looking at things and giving them names
Names for mysteries I can't explain
Metaphors, attempts at perception
But you, my Lord, exceed my conception

No man's words could ever do you justice
Never a thought has ever touched your surface
But I feel you with such intensity
You're more real than my reality

But you're elusive like the sunlight
When I want to hoard you like gold
Why do I believe all the sweet lies?

I like to think that I am in control, control

Tell me who you are
Are you love?

From dust I was made
To dust I shall return