Drink It Down

I have tried
To heal myself
To will my way to well

My ills to find
My wounds to bind
The surgeon’s hands were mine

Deeper in
I cut through skin
And my nightmare woke within

My disease and I
Lay side by side
My guilty hands were tied

Can you drink the cup?
Drink, my child, drink it down
Now that you’ve woken up
Sorrow will be your crown

Follow me
I’ll let you see
The world as it should be

To your surprise
You’ll hide your eyes
And you thought you were wise

But don’t be scared
I’ve laid you bare
To save you from despair

Deeper in
I’ll wear your skin
And lay beside you there

I thought I could stay
Awake for this
I thought I could pray
And stay awake

Every sip is stronger than the last
I’ve been given more than I can take

Jesus’ blood forgave my debt
He’s never failed me yet

Never failed me yet