Sharing songs to feed and be fed, The Orchardist playfully dresses up their folk tunes with intricate chamber arrangements, making for a listening experience both immersive and relational.

Shortly after finding one another at Belmont University, they experienced grace and glimpses of wholeness while offering their songs to friends new and old. Since then, they have traveled the country on multiple self-booked tours, seen airplay on Nashville's own Lightning 100, and recorded two albums.


From this collection of friends in the thick of growing up comes a bundle of songs about wading into the adventures and misadventures of trying to live a hopeful life. People, People  is a twelve-song album narrating the classic human attempt to find shortcuts through life in the naive wish to avoid the pain of transformation.

Like any fairy tale or classic adventure story, the road between start and finish is fraught with pitfalls, unpleasant surprises, monsters to be faced, and unexpected moments of healing. With these songs, The Orchardist laments and celebrates that we can only receive the fullness of life by holding every part of it, bitter and rich and everything in between.

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