Bleeding heart

You are in my veins

My breath your blood sustains

Body, mind, and soul

In you become whole


Teach me how to bleed

For what you bleed for

You, my hands, my feet

Let me be yours, too


The blood of God runs deep in us

The blood of God runs deep, deep


Lord, your bleeding heart

Circulates the world

Vessel of your gift

Alive because you live


You said, “Take and eat

Share with me this drink

I am now in you

That you may be in me”


We will be

Full and filled

Soon, soon


Tears of grief

Forever stilled

Oh, soon, soon


The Maker set his table

For a feast with you and me


Come hungry and thirsty

'Cause soon we won’t be

His blood has set us free, free

The blood of God runs deep